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* Pierre's GIT Presentation

A note from the author: this presentation doesn't make much sense unless I'm there to give it to you, so please don't hesitate to contact me: I give it to small groups about 3 times per year, but I'll give it to any individual who wants it at any time.


List of Presentations

ADM presentation schedule



ACE Labs Backup Policy

An Important Reminder:

It is the responsibility of workstation and notebook users to ensure that regular backups are made of any important data located on their workstations or notebooks.

Obtaining Assistance

If you have questions, require access to resources or would like assistance in planning, assessing or implementing a backup plan we encouraged you to submit a ticket via the GLPI ticketing system outlining your needs and the ACE Labs IT team will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for your attention regarding this important matter. Wishing you all a safe and happy 2017.

The ACELabs IT Team and Reza Adalat

IT Assistance

Workstation and Notebook Support

Apple Workstation and Notebooks

No support is provided for Apple products

Users of Apple products must be prepared to take the initiative when it comes to finding assistance with Apple products and configuration. The Apple Store is highly recommended.

Linux Workstations and notebooks

The MCIN IT Team provides full support for Linux workstations and notebooks that we have configured and deployed internally.

This includes support for issues with the base operating system, software and hardware including monitors and UPS's as well as support and advice regarding the usage of the base OS and included utilities.

Windows base workstations and notebooks

The MNI IT Team offers support for Windows based workstations and notebooks that they have configured and deployed internally.

This is offered as part of a services exchange agreement between the MNI and the MCIN.

Fusion Directory


Mailing Lists



Guest Network Account Creation - McGill VPN and Wifi

Ticketing Systems

We have two ticket systems:


GLPI is used for making workstation and new user account requests


Redmine is used for projects related requests

* Redmine

MCIN Owncloud


Network Shares



* Conda

Computing Resources




Compute Canada Resources

File sharing - experimental

Classes and Tutorials

Friendly Machine Learning for the Web.

Teaching basic (and not so basic) lab skills for research computing. Examples of tutorials offered by

MATLAB Courses

Complimentary MATLAB Training for McGill University


Links to CalculQuebec training sessions at McGill and elsewhere


Any or MathWorks accounts can enroll in the available courses for free at

Calcul Quebec Training

Introductory or more advanced workshops are offered on a regular basis (Python, Git, MPI, UNIX, Batch Scheduling,..), in French and English, at our different locations. See the calendar below. You can also ask for personalized training for your research group or company.

Data Resources

External Data Resources

Data Inventory


Staff pages


MCIN Travel Request Form

Fill this request form out before booking a trip:

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