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McGill VPN

A connection through McGill VPN is required to access certain restricted resources from outside the lab or McGill campus. In order to use the McGill VPN, you need a valid McGill account. We allow VPN access to all our systems from both student and staff McGill accounts.

The easiest way to solve any VPN or account issues is to call McGill IT Customer Service (ICS).

  • ICS phone: (514) 398-3398 (recommended)

They can also be contacted by email:

  • ICS email:

How to setup the VPN client

Instructions are available at the McGill IT Knowledge base:

McGill VPN for MAC

McGill VPN for Ubuntu

McGill VPN for Windows

Difficulties with Obtaining a McGill Account: Facts

In most cases, the best solution is to call ICS (above) and request an account with campus-wide wireless access and VPN access.

  1. If you are a new casual employee, you need one pay check cycle before your account can be created by IT services. Once you have received your first pay, you can call ICS to request your account.
  2. If you have a prior student account as well as a staff account, McGill's policy is that you should be using the staff account for VPN (they often disable the student access). In case you are not sure, it is recommended to call ICS.
  3. For non-McGill employees (Affiliates, such as Douglas), a team manager can request an affiliate McGill account at These accounts have to be renewed yearly.
  4. If you are staff and simply do not know your McGill account credentials, call ICS.
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