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Obtaining IT Support

How should I contact IT?

If you are experiencing an issue, require access to resources or have a question and would like assistance, we encourage you to submit a ticket via Redmine outlining your needs and the IT team will be happy to assist you.

How do I create a ticket on Redmine?

  1. Log in to Redmine using your MCIN credentials.
  2. To create a ticket for IT Support, click ACELab IT, then New Issue.
  3. Please be as detailed as possible when creating IT support tickets and provide the information needed to solve it. It is not enough to just say “I cannot connect”. Indicate where you're trying to connect from, what you're trying to connect to, with port numbers or service names (SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, etc).

Workstations & Laptops


The MCIN IT Team provides full support for Linux workstations and laptops that we have configured and deployed internally.

This includes support for issues with the base operating system, software and hardware, including monitors and other peripherals, as well as support and advice regarding the usage of the base OS and included utilities.


Currently, IT support will NOT be provided for Apple products.

Users of Apple products must be prepared to take the initiative when it comes to finding assistance with Apple products and configuration. The Apple Store is highly recommended.


The MNI IT Team offers support for Windows workstations and laptops that they have configured and deployed internally.

This is offered as part of a services exchange agreement between the MNI and the MCIN.

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