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Neurodebian Packages

  • FSL
  • AFNI
  • pyMVPA
  • nibabel
  • mricron
  • psychtoolbox
  • odds and ends, converters, viewers and so on.


  • apticron
  • Anaconda, miniconda and conda
  • ethtool
  • GCC version to 4.8 if possible (
  • GIMP
  • InkScape
  • OpenOffice
  • Perl
  • Python
    • cffi
    • cryptography
    • cython
    • enum34
    • idna
    • imagemagic
    • ipaddress
    • numpy
    • pip
    • pyasn1
    • pycosat
    • pycparser
    • pycrypto
    • pygobject
    • pyminc
    • pyOpenSSL
    • python-apt
    • scipy
    • scour
    • six
    • unity-lens-photos
  • R
  • Rminc
  • Slack
  • SublimeText
  • SurfStat
  • unattended-upgrades
  • Vim
  • VirtualBox

BrainVISA Anatomist

This software has not been tested by our IT Team. Feedback from our research team on this software would be appreciated.


BrainVISA Anatomist is a Neuroimaging software platform for mass data analysis

  • Morphologist: brain segmentation and sulcal morphometry
  • Processing tools and toolboxes
  • Interactive 3D neuroimaging data visualization
  • Software and data organization

MINC Tool Kit

This toolkit contains most of the commonly used minc tools in one precompiled 32 and 64bit binary packages of Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat and Mac OS X. It includes most of the standard minc tools, Display, Register and a basic image processing pipeline based on the one developed for NIHPD project ( Everything is currently installed in /opt/minc , to avoid conflict with standard /usr/local/bic location.

== MINC Metaproject

Metaproject uniting all the available minc tools


== MINC References


- Minc viewers such as:


Some form of a batch, SGE system that allows you to take advantage of parallel processing capabilities of CIVET/FSL tools

Python Scripts


a flexible toolkit for constructing novel registration pipelines

Miriam Friedel,Matthijs C. van Eede,M. Mallar Chakravarty,Jason P. Lerch

Development, Programming and Scripting

  • adacity
  • build-essential
  • C
  • cmake
  • filezilla
  • GNC Make
  • gparted
  • latex
  • pbzip, pigz, rar, p7zip-full
  • pdftk, qpdf
  • Perl
  • Python
  • imagemagick
  • R
  • renameutils
  • scribus
  • sox
  • sshfs
  • tree
  • vim
  • Virtualbox
  • watch


Statistics for MINC volumes: A library to integrate voxel-based statistics for MINC volumes into the R environment. Supports getting and writing of MINC volumes, running voxel-wise linear models, correlations, etc.; correcting for multiple comparisons using the False Discovery Rate, and more. With contributions from Jason Lerch, Jim Nikelski and others




* latest version *

FSL tools

* FMRIB Software Library (FSL) * Latest version, as per their website



ITK-SNAP is a software application used to segment structures in 3D medical images.

* itk-SNAP *

Human Connectome Project (HCP) connectome workbench

Connectome Workbench is an open source, freely available visualization and discovery tool used to map neuroimaging data, especially data generated by the Human Connectome Project.

* HCP connectome workbench

SOLAR (Sequential Oligogenic Linkage Analysis Routines)

* Genetics * See “Solar Eclipse Imaging Genetics tools”

SOLAR is a flexible and extensive software package for genetic variance components analysis, including linkage analysis, quantitative genetic analysis, and covariate screening.

Solar Eclipse Imaging Genetics tools

SOLAR-Eclipse is an extensive, flexible software package for genetic variance components analysis, including linkage analysis, quantitative genetic analysis, SNP association analysis (QTN and QTLD), and covariate screening.

* SOLAR-Eclipse: An Imaging Genetics Analyses Software * Linux Solar Eclipse Downloads


University of Alabama at Birmingham - Section on Statistical Genetics (SSG) - Listong of linkage analysis ptograms

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