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The GLPI Ticketing System


* ACELab GLPI Ticketing systems link


In order to create a ticket you will need to follow the GLPI link above and request a password reset for your LDAP user account.

Creating a ticket

* Sign in to GLPI

The GLPI home page will look something like this:

You can create a new ticket by:

  1. Selecting the Create a ticket

Filling in the ticket

New Ticket

Ticket type

By default the Type is Incident. If you are making a Request rather than reporting an incident, use the drop down menu to choose Request.


Select the Category that best describes the kind of assistance you are looking for. If you don't see a category that corresponds to your incident or request leave it blank or choose Other. Generally


* Is this just annoying or is this preventing you from doing your work?

Inform me about the action taken

* Confirm that the email address we have is correct and set the Email followup dropdown to be Yes.

Hardware type

If the issue or incident is in regards to your workstation, monitor or UPS select the specific item from the drop down menu.


This refers to the office or room where any related equipment is located.


Aim for a clear and concise title that is easy to visually scan.


This is also a required field. You will want to include any relevant details such as IP addresses, program versions and so on.

Submit your ticket

Once you are satisfied with the form choose the bright red Submit Message button just below the bottom edge of the form.


If everything went well you will get the confirmation page which looks a bit like this:

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