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New User Requests

Please create single ticket for each (new) user.


This is a task that has huge repercussions for our new users and where doing a good job can can significantly improve our performance as a whole.

Here's why:

Currently new arrivals almost never have all of the tools and resources that they require when they arrive in order to start working. For some that might mean waiting for up to a month and a half (or more) before they have access to a workstation and/or a functioning network jack.

A Single Ticket for Each New User

As part of the effort to deliver resources in a more timly manner we collect all of the required information for new user setups in a single GLPI ticket. This way everyone involved can find all of the information they need in a single location.

Lead Time

We currently recommend creating a new user request ticket as soon as a position has an your are aware of a new hire. This way work can begin on the request right away.

In other words, the more lead time you give us the better.

New Account Request Ticket Options

* Sign into GLPI using your MCIN (LDAP) account:

* Choose the Create a ticket link

Here are a few short hints on filling out the ticket properly


Change the ticket type to be Request


From the Category drop down menu go to the section titled Accounts & Passwords and select New account(s) request.


* Set the ticket urgency.

The "Inform me about the actions taken" section

* Ensure that the settings for the Inform me about the actions taken section are correct.

Hardware Type

* No changes are required if this request will includes a request for a workstation or workstation kit.


* Set the location to the room number where the new user will be located. If the location has not been decided on or not available in the drop down list, leave the option as it is.

The "Inform me about the actions taken" Section

* Other people who should be kept up to date about the ticket status can be added to the Watchers list.


* IMPORTANT - In the title replace <firstname> with the (new) users first name and <lastname> with the users lastname. It should look something like this when you are finished editing it:

New account request for Alanis Obomsawin


The description section will include form to fill out.

Taking the time to collect all of the requested information before submitting the form means the the entire the ACELabs IT Team, The MCIN IT Team as well as you and any watchers will have all of the information required to ensure that our new co-workers has a smooth transition and welcome to ACELabs as well as all of the resources they require in order to do great work with us.

Here is an example of a the Description form, please feel free to make suggestions for improvements:

All mandatory fields are marked with ***


*** Sponsor Name: XXXXXXX

Account Request:

*** Name of new employee (First name / Last name): AAA BBB

*** Role: Developer

*** Expected start date : 2018-01-20

*** New employee's mail address : 

Equipment Request:

*** Workstation: Yes, MCIN workstation

a. None, new employee has own laptop
b. Yes, MCIN workstation
c. None, new employee is offsite user.

Note: A MCIN email address will be provided by default if new employee doesn't has a McGill email.


Please fill in the below information if you have:

1. New employee's status: full time
a. full-time
b. part-time

2. A MCIN email if user has McGill email address?

3. Location : Room 111, 3801 Rue University

4. End date: 2018-10-01

5. Deactivation and archive plan :
a: Deactivate account on end date? : Y /N
b: Preserve users home directory? : Y /N
c: Other deactivation requirements :

Additional Notes:

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